“Fundraising Book for Nonprofits Achieves Widespread Appeal; Scores 5-STAR Ratings
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“Fundraising Book for Nonprofits Achieves Widespread Appeal; Scores 5-STAR Ratings"

A recently released book provides nonprofit organizations with an authoritative approach to understanding pragmatic fundraising, methods and practices. The author, Norman B. Gildin, is an experienced fundraiser with more than four and a half decades in Development having raised nearly $100 million for nonprofits. Titled “Learn From My Experiences,” the book is designed to teach readers important fundraising lessons through the author’s anecdotal experiences.  

The book is published by BookBaby and is available at and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major online retailers. It has achieved 5-STAR ratings with two nationally recognized independent book review organizations whose sole objective is to provide critical analysis of newly published books. Readers’ Favorite and The Book Commentary both raved about the brilliant writing and the substantive content of the book.

One reviewer in The Book Commentary indicated, that Gildin “writes in beautiful prose and with the simplicity of a seasoned professional who knows exactly what he is talking about. It is in this simplicity and clarity of thought that the author’s authority shines through each page. This book is a comprehensive guide for fundraising professionals, rippling with wisdom and insight, filled with anecdotes that are both engaging and thought-provoking. Most importantly, it is a book that shows readers how to win in the fundraising business.”

Another reviewer in Readers’ Favoritewrote, “Reading the book was a pleasurable experience as the lessons come in concise, well-organized chapters that are easy to read. Learn From My Experiences is a gift and a blessing for fundraisers—professionals or otherwise. With simple language and a neat, easy-to-navigate format, the book effectively captures the practices needed to achieve fundraising goals efficiently and in good time. I'm definitely saving this for future use! 

Gildin covers a wide gamut of topics in 67 chapters that fundraisers from the novice to the veteran will find of great usefulness. The author shares a commanding knowledge of his subject matter which appeals to a wide-ranging audience. Chapter headings range from “Why Do People Give?” to “The Art of Storytelling,” “Measuring Success,” “When Things Go Wrong” and “The Craziness of the Concert Business.” A fascinating chapter even looks to the future and predicts what we can expect in fundraising in the year 2075. And there is much, much more.

A special section is on possible outcomes of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic on fundraising activities. It forecasts what nonprofits may face if confronted with similar circumstances in the future. Humor, situational stories and informative accounts encompass the thinking behind the book. Unlike textbooks which tend to be dull, the prose is anything but dry and makes for easy reading in one sitting or if the reader just wants to handle one chapter at a time.  

Gildin indicated that the essays he wrote weren’t just targeted at a niche audience. He said, “this book is aimed towards professionals, lay leadership, volunteers and even the general public.” “Everyone,” says Gildin “can gain from the ideas presented in ‘sound bite style’ through chapters that offer principled lessons in an expanding field with an estimated 1.6 million nonprofit organizations registered today in the U.S.” Public charities, private foundations and other tax-exempt organizations who vie for the competitive fundraising dollar will benefit to a great extent from reading this book. 

Norman B. Gildin is an experienced fundraiser guided by principles of strategic planning that were the hallmarks of his success. His background encompassed the four major types of fundraising – annual campaigns, capital campaigns, planned giving and endowment fund giving.

In August 2012, Gildin founded Strategic Fundraising Group LLC (SFG) which exists to enable nonprofit organizations and agency executives to implement effective fundraising programs. SFG specializes in helping not-for-profit agencies organize, plan, coordinate and execute campaigns that will help them achieve their financial goals. SFG was established to give the small fundraising shop to the large one an opportunity to engage a firm that adds sophistication to its operation. SFG provides the resources and the capability to organize or undertake essential tasks that provide fruitful fundraising results especially during challenging economic times. SFG is headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Gildin believes in a well-organized, methodical approach to Development. His approach to fundraising was finely honed during his career with an emphasis on strategic planning. During his stint in the nonprofit sector, Gildin was results-oriented which meant getting the job done. He spearheaded multiple successfulfundraising campaigns and developed strategic plans and case statements to raise essential funds. He also has strong public relations and marketing experience and is a proven leader in the use of social media.

Gildin also is an accomplished writer and his columns have regularly appeared in publications as diverse as InsideCharity, The Nonprofit Daily News, the National Development Institute, Major Gifts Ramp-Up, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the South Florida Jewish Journal, the South Florida Gateway Gazette and The Jewish Link of New Jersey.