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Review: Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Learn From My Experiences: A Collection of Essays on Fundraising for Professionals, Lay Leaders, Volunteers and the Public is a work of non-fiction in the business and finance subgenres. It is suitable for the general adult reading audience and was penned by author Norman B. Gildin. The book collects together a series of writings by the author based on the lessons he has learned from over 40 years of experience in the fundraising field. Addressing a variety of topics and discussing many techniques for achieving the best results, the book aims to support professionals and amateurs alike in achieving the best results possible for their fundraising activities.

This was a highly interesting read about a field that will be of great interest even to non-professionals with an interest in running fundraising events for the charities that have meaning for them. With each essay in the collection sparkling with personality, Norman B. Gildin explores the hard-fought lessons from his extensive career in fundraising and presents the sum of those experiences over a comprehensive range of topics relevant to the sector, from event organization to establishing relationships with individual donors. Learn From My Experience is an insightful guide with a plethora of information available for readers, whether veterans of the industry or amateurs wishing to support a local charity. The author is extremely generous with his insights, keeping no trade secrets back in a book that is a must-read for those working within the sector, mixing surprising anecdotes from years of experience with astute analysis of the lessons learned.

Note: This book achieved a 5 Star rating by K. C. Finn, a book reviewer for Readers’ Favorite, a national online book reviewer. This means that the book achieved a 5 Star rating in the following areas: Appearance, Plot, Development, Formatting, Marketability and in Overall Opinion. The review may be read in the above area.