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Review in The Book Commentary

Learn from My Experiences by Norman B. Gildin is a book that articulates brilliantly on the art of fundraising, written by an expert who has raised almost $100 million for different organizations in his career.  A wonderful offering for development executives and fundraisers at different stages of their careers, this book contains the author’s journey and the singular lessons and secrets he has acquired as he raised money for different organizations. Each experience is written in a perceptive style and each offers a unique lesson for readers. The book presents an uncanny tutoring on fundraising, bringing to readers marketing concepts and ideas that can help them pitch a vision and win the hearts of donors. Readers will learn the skills required to start and develop strong and meaningful relationships with donors; they will discover the author’s influences and how they shaped his fundraising philosophy; and they will find out how he worked in different organizations. In short, this is a book that presents skills and lessons from the author’s remarkable journey and career as a fundraiser.

This is a brilliantly written book and the author’s confidence echoes through the bold and authoritative voice. The book is sprinkled with wisdom and insight, especially when it comes to creating the strong connection between the donor and non-profit organization and factors that allow the fundraiser to actually get donors to give their money away. This noteworthy book shines in its language and in the author’s ability to teach through the art of storytelling — an art that is indispensable for contemporary marketers. In addition to the many merits of Learn from My Experience, the author helps readers understand the dynamics of fundraising and how to make it work in the context of Covid-19. The prose is beautiful and the voice compelling and eloquent.  This book is a ground-breaking tool for readers who want to succeed in raising money. It provides the secrets to making anyone donate.